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17004 GIRONA
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Holy Mary's Cathedral : The global building is on Gothic style built in the site of the ancient romanesque shrine, the one which at the same time was built on a visigothic shrine , probably of the VI century, and of a Roman shrine devoted to Apollo.

The works of the Gothic shrine were begun in the year 1312, according to the project of three naves in the purest French Gothic style. The Cathedral of Girona is the broadest of the world architecture: 50 m of long, 22,8m of broad and 35m of high. About the central ship are located 29 decorated chapels for the most part in baroque style. The cloister and the tower of Charlesmagne ancient belfry, they are the only remains of the romanesque Cathedral that are preserved.

In the foreign part, the magnificent perron, the largest of the baroque era, it is of the s.XVII. The principal facade, also baroque, it is considered one of the better works of stone of the baroque Catalan..


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