Darnius / Municipality
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Adre.:     c/ Major, 3
17722 Darnius

Tel.:   34-972 53 50 15
Fax.:   34-972 53 50 57
Email:   darnius@ddgi.es
Web:   http://pobles.ddgi.es/darnius/



A mountainous municipality with large extensions of pine and cork-oak woods which have been greatly exploited.

Within this municipality is the Boadella Dam, which should really be called after Darnius because the main part of it is within the Darnius boundaries, but because the reservoir is in Boadella it has been named after it. Next to the dam is the Nautical Club which means that acquatic sports and fishing can be practised.

The village is relatively small and within the old nucleus the outline of a Medieval fortified enclosure can be seen.The parish church of Santa Maria is a narrow Romanesque building from the 12th-13th centuries, with a single nave and a semi-circular abyss, which was also fortified.


Within the municipal district is the dolmen of Mas Puig de Caneres, the ruins of Mont-roig castle dating from the 11th Century and the church of Sant Esteve del Llop of Romanesque origin.

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