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The small archipielago of the Medes islands ( 21,5 hectares in area ), made up of seven islets and a few reef, is located scarcely a mile off the Empordŕ coast and the massif of Montgrí of which geologically it forms a part. Because of the variety of the species found and the en vironment the islands are a place of extraordinary biological and ecological value. Of great scientific interest, they are located in a landscape of outstanding beauty, unique in Catalonia.


The vegetation and especially the land fauna are worth studying but what gives the Medes islands exceptional value in the Mediterranean is the marine environment.

The proximity to the mouth of the river Ter which brings down organic material and the influence of the winds and currents from the north which favour the entry of deep water enriching it with organic material from as far as the Rhone river in France explain its high productivity.

The different depths of the sea floor and its diverse composition in terms of sand and rock, and its Karstenite formation with great cavities and tunnels, also contribute to the variety of enviroment and species to be found as well as the high productivity. Some 1.3450marine classifications have been made among the plant and animal life studied.


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