La Jonquera / Municipality
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Adre.:     Ajuntament
Plaça de l'Ajuntament, 3
17700 La jonquera
Tel.:   34-972 554 005
Fax.:   34-972 554 193


This is the most northerly town which can be found and the French-Spanish border has been located here since the Treaty of the Pyrenees (1659). Its principal activity is commerce, due to its proximity to France.


At the beginning of the 1990s, it underwent a major crisis, due to the disappearance of the customs zone, but it recovered in the mid-1990s thanks to the commerce and hotel trade.

The town of La Jonquera has an old elongated nucleus which follows the old royal way, with the church of Santa María and the house of Ca n’Armet.

We should also mention the castle of Requesens.
To the south, there is an area of lakes, and to the north, we have Puigneulós, the highest peak of the Albera mountain range and from there you can enjoy an exceptional panoramic view of the Empordà and the Rosselló regions. To the north are Los Límites and El Pertús, a commercial town, part of which belongs to the town and the other part to France; the border between the two states coincides with the pavements; the eastern side belongs to Spain and the western side to France.


The castle of Bellaguarda, an old fortress of the 17th Century lies in El Pertús and, below this, passes the Roman Augusta Way along the border between Hispania and Galia. Since the Treaty of the Pyrenees, this castle has belonged to France.

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