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Adre.:     Plaša Nacional,s/n
17256 Palau-Sator

Tel.:   34-972 63 41 32
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When we get closer, from whichever direction, to Palau-Sator, the shape of the tower stands up above the group of rooves formed by the houses and it is the tower which gives the village its name. "Sator" or the tower refers to this tower, 20m. high, which was probably built in the 10th or 11th century and it is now the only evidence of the castle which had been located in the centre of the village


The village of Palau-Sator is also the centre of a town which includes the neighbourhood of Pantaleu and the villages of Sant Feliu de Boada, Fontclara and Sant JuliÓ de Boada. In the latter, popularly known as Boada, there is one of the most valued architectural jewels of the county. It is the Pre-Romanic church that was declared a National Monument and restored in 1982 after having been used as a stable for many years. Inside the church and among other features, there are two outstanding iron-shod arches.

Its streets perfectly preserve the shape of medieval times and there are some remains of the walls and defences which used to surround it. Outside this enclosure it is interesting to visit the church consecrated to Saint Peter, as well as an interesting architectural sample of two unusual fountains. In Extramurs street, you can also visit a very complete collection of agrarian tools and vases, formed and opened to the public on the initiative of a village family.


The East side of Palau-Sator borders on an area which had been full of lakes and then used as rice fields. Very close to Sant JuliÓ there was, for example, the old Estany de Boada (pond) which is now crossed by a road. It was drained during the 18th century after important canalizing work being done.


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