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The centre of the village is 3km away from the sea, at the end of a vast plain, as if searching for shelter and protection in Les Gavarres due to the dangers that proximity to the sea represented. In fact, the territory of Calonge stretches to the Coll de la Ganga, in the centre of these wooded mountains.


The people from Calonge have been traditionally linked to the exploitation of forest resources and agriculture. In ancient times a lot of families lived off the woods and not long ago a lot of them were devoted to the cork industry.

The coast of Calonge is a big part of the bay of Palamós. The stream of Calonge flows into the bay and serves as the limit between the village of Sant Antoni de Calonge in the North and Torre Valentina in the South. Torre Valentina, the result of different urban projects in the 60's, closes the bay.

The centre of Sant Antoni has great touristic importance. A few streets, parallel to the coast, with not many houses turning their backs to the sea, used to form the village before being discovered by tourism. Before the intensification of this industry, Sant Antoni had been a holiday resort for families from Girona province.


Recently, the urbanization of its long Passeig Marítim has turned the coastal front into a much visited place. From this promenade you can easily reach the promenade in Palamós. Both of them are ideal routes for those who look for peaceful and convenient paths to walk near the sea.

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