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Did you know that two thousand years ago the Chinese were already explaining extraordinary stories with only their hands and a candle? And this is not the most amazing. From the Chinese shadows to the Lumière brothers’ camera, there are many fascinating and amusing inventions that you can now see in Girona at the Museum of the Cinema.

It is one of the few museums where you can journey through the 500 years of the history of images, seeing what were the predecessors and the origins of the cinema. On show are the techniques and the visual spectacles from the beginnings of the 7th art up to the arrival of television. During this journey, you will be accompanied by the Tomàs Mallol Collection, an internationally recognised collection of cinematographic and precinematographic apparatus, purchased by the Ajuntament (Girona Town Hall) in 1994.

Come and learn about the tricks which left our forefathers amazed and see the first cinema projections. You will be fascinated by the moving image spectacles that have excited spectators throughout the ages. We invite you to take a journey through the history of images: a universal language, a discourse without frontiers, a visit recommended for everyone and all ages.



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