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Adre.:     Ajuntament
C/Pintor Joan Massanet, 34-36
17130 L'ESCALA
Tel.:   34-972 774 848
Fax.:   34-972 774 284
Email:   web@lescala.cat
Web:   http://www.lescala-empuries.com/


The town has good routes of communication, the N-II road and the A-7 motorway (exit 5) which make it easy to get to the town. Its priveleged situation and natural surroundings have converted it into a tourist place of great renown.
It has a wide variety of places to stay with hotels, camping sites and apartments to enjoy your holiday.


The high prestige fare recognised by the whole country, provides plentiful vegetables and meats of the district and a variety of fish of this side of the Mediterranean. 

In the old part of the town, there is the parish church of Sant Pere de l’Escala and a few narrow side streets which still have some beautiful houses from the 18th and the 19th centuries and in the midst of the houses that stand out is the house where Victor Català was born and where he died (pseudonym of the writer Caterina Albert i Paradís). 

You will also find the Meranges house (the Meranges family stood out in the last century for its work in the excavation of Empùries), and the old Alfolí de la Sal or Pòsit Vell. (This is a type of salt store, but the salt is not for sale).
L’Escala has a lot to offer commercially and this is complemented by the Sunday market.    


The festivals form part of the tradition and history of l’Escala, the passing of time has changed a lot of habits but there are festivals that remain alive in l’Escala: the carnaval, the summer concerts, the anchovy festival, the giants’ reunion, the Sardana dancers, etc.
L’Escala harbours one of the oldest and most traditional industries, inherited from our ancestors, the Greeks of Empúries. Anchovy salting is a home-made product, a natural product and carries the name of its origin.

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