Maçanet de Cabrenys / Rural Accommodation
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Adre.:     17720 MAÇANET DE CABRENYS
Tel.:   +34 972 53 50 53 - 872 00 49 18

Boadella Reservoir is a few meters away. The reservoir provides water for Figueras and part of the Costa Brava. The main rivers are the River Muga and River Arnera formed in the Catalan Pyrenees.


The Hotel & Spa was built in the early twentieth century as a hydroelectric plant in the Catalan Pyrenees. This charming hotel of Ampurdán highlight the architectural details of the time Gaudi.It was built to supply power to the people of the area. It also retains some channel work and metal tube where the water ended down.He is currently a health and fitness center that belongs to the rural tourism and the Costa Brava Empordà.

The standards rooms are the smallest. Unlike the others have shower. Do not have a bathtub. They have the same amenities as all rooms:flat screen, air conditioning, bathroom ... A mid-week getaway will give you relaxation in a charming rural hotel like this.

The Hotel & Spa La Central has integrated into the Catalan Pyrenees mountains. You can see how the rock falls literally within the spa. Once you're inside, like you're outdoors thanks to the large openings that give the river front. The views are unbeatable. The pool has a temperature of 30 degrees and it is composed, by two high pressure water jets and a series of bubbles that will make you stimulate the nervous system and relax all the muscles.Combined with a massage and spa treatments to relax aconseguirás necessary for day to day.

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