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The town of Llança is mentioned for the first time by the name of Lancia Town in the 10th century (year 974), situated in the Lancian Valley.
It is 12 kilometres away form the French-Spanish border, passing Portbou. Until a few decades ago the port and the town were clearly seperated, today they form a homogeneous whole with more than 5.000 inhabitants, whose most important activities are fishing and tourism.


Despite the above mentioned homogeneity, it is still possible to distinguish between the port and the town. The latter has an old castle, there remains only the tower and the town’s only monument is the splendid parish church Sant Vicenç, Baroque style, from the middle of the 18th century; this has a spectacular flight of steps decorated with old cannon balls, in front of which an enor mous plane tree stands out called “l’Arbre de la Llibertat” ( The Tree of Freedom).

As well as a good beach, Llançà has coves such as Grifeu, cap Ras and la Farella, where conditions are excellent for practising windsurfing and other watersports, which has triggered the making of a sport area.

Llançà is easy to reach by train, motorway or road, so it is a good centre to jouney to for cultural tourism and to practice any type of sport: scuba diving, fishing, trekking, etc.
Llançà also has the maritime area of the port of Llançà, the annexe of Valleta, with the Sant Silvestre de Valleta church (10th century), abandoned today, and the neighbourhood of Setcases.


The Aquarel.la Fundació Museum J.Martínez Lozano must also be pointed out, the only one of its kind in Spain.

Timetable of the J. Martínez Lozano Museum:
July - August
from Tuesday to Friday from 19h. to 21h.
Saturday and Holidays from 11h. to 13h. and from 19h. to 21h.
For visits: tel. 972 38 08 55

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