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Adre.:     La Roca, 3
17750 Capmany
Tel.:   (34) 972.54.90.12
Fax.:   (34) 972.54.91.06


OLIVEDA S.A. and FREIXA RIGAU S.A. are two familiar companies that belong to the Grupo Oliveda s.a., founded in 1948 at Capmany. With a craft control and production, from the cultivation of the different varieties (Ull de lliebre, Macabeo, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Garnatxa, Moscatell, Carinyena, Xarelo and Parellada) to the elaboration, breeding, and bottling at the properties of Capmany-Alto Ampurdán. Gastronomy Award Siglo XX, Madrid 1995.


The different varieties of cultivations are adapted in harmony with the ampurdan's underground (with a clay baseground in the north and west, and siliceous in the east) with the low mediterranean clima, mild during the flowering period, and warm in the summer, during the maturing period of the grape, when the best qualities are obtained, although production is limited; the grape harvest of the different varieties take the whole month of September, so that the third week of November, the "first wine of the year" Novell d'Oliveda young, is ready to taste. It is fresh and its fragance is unique and unmesurable, and has been selected many consecutive years for the Control and Quality Regulation Council as the best Young Wine of the Empordŕ.

Since January we start selling the harvest wines and preparing previous stocks to begin their commercialization when spring will arrive. From the year's harvest wines, fresh and brilliant, the stocked wines of delicious "bouquet" and international prestige, to the delicate champagne of subtile and superior aroma, they have all been prepared under strict technological control, and the craft's experience of fifty uninterrupted years.

The Garnatxa and the Moscatell, generous and mythical of this millennial land, are swet wines which have been prepared following the ancient grape sugars' heat reduction process, that will bring the right and balanced taste, which is peculiar of this varieties.


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